2018 Company Changes

2018. New Year. Lots of Changes.

We would like to begin by wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 2017 was a fantastic year for us, with the introduction of a new location, upgraded panel and better hardware. 2018 is going to be a little different for us, and you should see the benefits quite quickly. Since our launch almost 2 years ago, we’ve never gone flat out to get bigger or to expand; ELHS has operated in the slow lane content with offering a small select range of high-quality services. That business concept, however, is being left in 2017 and we’re powering on to 2018 with full steam ahead. Major changes are coming to ELHostingServices in the very near future with some changes already being put in place.


Discontinuation of TeamSpeak Servers

As of the 1st of January, ELHostingServices locked the sales of new TeamSpeak servers. With the rise in popularity of Discord and ELHostingServices’s adoption to offer support through this platform, TeamSpeak has become less and less popular over the past seven months. As a hosting provider that strives to innovate and provide the latest and greatest services, offering TeamSpeak servers doesn’t allow us to do that and makes us feel that we’re holding onto the past. We truly understand that some still love TeamSpeak. We pledge to every customer who has an existing server with us that we will continue to run it until the day that you choose to cancel the service. If you never cancel, we’ll never stop providing the services to you.


Performance Instances Revamped

Performance VPS Instances, introduced as a test type service in September have now proven their worth and are getting several boosts. These improvements include a better user control interface, unlocked SSD I/O speeds, upgraded network adapters, Virtio virtualisation for better performance as well as live DDoS statistics. Currently, VPS servers can be purchased in Bristol (UK), New York City (USA) and Chicago (USA), our aim for 2018 is to begin offering these services in Dallas (USA). We’re taking care to select a datacentre that offers superb DDoS protection and phenomenal networking to ensure that it operates that the same high standard as all of our other locations before it gets launched. ELHS have discontinued the sale of Game Cloud servers due to their incredibly time consuming and high maintenance nature. Existing customers are unaffected by these changes and can continue to upgrade and downgrade on request, new servers, however, are unable to be purchased.


These are just a two of the many changes we’re working on, as we make updates we’ll be sure to release it here and on our Twitter account. Stay tuned!