Most Notable Advancement To Date

Massive Encrypted Laser Limited Developments

Encrypted Laser Limited is about to go through the most significant change in its history within the next 1-2 weeks; completely changing almost every aspect of our business to continue improving and developing the services that we can provide to our incredible customers. It has been two years since ELHostingServices came into existence, and we’re rapidly approaching the two year anniversary of when Encrypted Laser Limited became a legally registered company. With the exclusion of our significant redesign performed on the 1st of June 2017, the business strategy we’ve been following has remained very passive. Times are, however, changing. We’re now VAT registered which has also prompted multiple changes in how we price our services & operate. On the 1st of Jan 2018, PrimeNodes launched, and the way we conduct business altered dramatically.

We’re performing massive changes, and we wished to let you know what we’re doing. If you have any questions about any aspect of it, please get in touch!


Infrastructure Improvements

• The hardware that is powering game servers & virtual private servers is being upgraded from rented i7 6700K (4.0GHz) dedicated servers to 100% self-owned i7 8700K (4.8GHz) rack servers.
• Bristol services are being migrated from Bristol to our new London based datacentre operated by Bandwidth Tech (Zare).
• New York City services are being migrated from ReliableSite & Choopa to our new NYC based datacentre operated by CoreSite (USDedicated).


DDoS Protection Upgrades

• Our UK DDoS protection is being upgraded from 100Gbps Corero DDoS mitigation to 140Gbps Corero DDoS mitigation.
• Our New York City DDoS protection is being upgraded from a custom 20Gbps solution by Choopa/ReliableSite to 40Gbps Corero DDoS mitigation.


Web Hosting Upgrades

• The base of our web servers, Apache, is being replaced with LiteSpeed offering faster request speeds, built-in anti-DDoS measures and many more improvements to provide a more stable & responsive experience.
• ELHS and PrimeNodes will now feature four web hosting package tiers, a change from our existing two. These tiers will include a range of different features and resource limits to allow customers to select a plan better tailored to them.
• We’re introducing a variety of off-site backup options for web hosting customers, ranging from monthly to hourly depending on the chosen package to offer peace of mind for data security.


Game Hosting Upgrades

• After consistent compatibility problems, a decision has been made to discontinue Rust game servers. Existing servers will be left operational, but no new servers can be provisioned for this game.
• We’re putting Arma 3 servers back in stock for deployment in all our locations.


VPS Upgrades

• Virtual private servers are getting upgraded to the same hardware that powers game servers, i7 8700K processors overclocked to 4.8Ghz.
• We’re increasing the amount of storage of our VPS plans significantly, ranging from a 20GB upgrade for our lowest plan to a 520GB upgrade for the more extensive packages.


Dedicated Server Upgrades

• We’re discontinuing the sale of new i7 6700K and i7 7700K dedicated servers in each of our locations, these were a mix of rented and colocated hardware. These product lines are being replaced with i7 8700K dedicated servers available in London and New York City only.


Price Changes

• We’re increasing the price of our GMod & CSGO servers from £0.38 to £0.40 GBP, but are introducing block packages allowing people to order thirty-two (32) & sixty-four (64) slot servers at a substantial discount.
• Our one-time payment web hosting plan, our ‘Basic Hosting’, is being replaced with a monthly recurring £0.99 GBP fee plan named ‘Dev Hosting’.


Reseller Plans & Partnerships

• PrimeNodes is introducing a set of reseller services enabling customers interested in getting into the hosting market to operate and sell services powered by our powerful & reliable servers with ease, all backed by our friendly & knowledgeable customer support. Customers have the option to bundle together multiple plans, allowing for the resale of both web servers and game servers from a white-label cPanel and game interfaces.